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Off the bench......PICS......

The new 007 1971 Mach I Mustang kit from Revell. It's a great kit. Built straight from the box. Only thing 'extra' that I did (besides paint and foil) was to put a reflective piece of plastic behind the tail lights. Paint is a Ford color for that year. I decided to paint the lower body blackout instead of using the blackout decals. Just felt it would look better. All the kit decals went on great. The interior color is probably not factory correct but I'm tired of black interiors and I REALLY like the look of the matching interiors that were so common in '60's cars. I highly recommend that you glue the air cleaner and part #135 (part of the emissions control system) onto the engine BEFORE it gets glued into the engine compartment. Also all the engine accessories (and engine compartment decals) will go in easier if you put them in before the engine goes in. A very fun build! My hat's off to Revell. OH... The wheels were shot with the new Revell chrome spray. I let them dry for two weeks before handling just to be sure.

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