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Wonder if that's the B-36 once called 'City of Fort Worth', that was restored by many Lockheed/Fort Worth employees...
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Used to see it sticking out from one of the hangars near the "bomber plant" (they cut a notch in the hangar doors, to clear the tail!) when I worked there in the early '90s. Should've been one of the volunteers who worked on it, but my brain was fixated on other things...
Then the city of Fort Worth got the plane when the resto was done, and spent WAY too long trying to find a place to permanently park it--"do we leave parked at the former Carswell base, or do we stick it at Hicks Field? What about the old Eagle Mountain AFB? How Alliance Airport? What about Meachem Field?"

yada yada yada....until the USAF decided to take the plane, tore it apart one night, and shipped the thing to Pima via truck...some people became royalled p*** the city of Fort Worth, for its procrastination and indecisiveness!

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