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I know the cars ran in different classes. So how about if we have a comparison of pictures of the 2 cars.

the restored Ramchargers Cuda
(pictures found at )

I'm including this one I found that shows the motor without the shaker scoop

Sox & Martin Cuda
(pictures found at ) I wish these pics were bigger

I've been trying to find chassis shots, still looking.

To me, the only differences seen in plastic would be the motors, (? transmission ?), the Ramchargers rollcage, shifters, and wheels/tires.

If my memory serves me correctly, parts of the Revell S&M Cuda kit was used for a stock Hemi Cuda version. That motor has the shaker scoop and might be close enough for the Ramchargers motor/trans. They look close, but I'm not sure if the S&M tires are the same size as those on the Ramchargers.

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