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Scott, for the axels with one wheel drill a hole the size of the axel in a block of wood. Then insert the axel in the hole and holding the block firmly pull the axel straight out from the wheel and block. That puts no lateral or twisting motion on the wheel. A similar

technique where there are wheels at both ends (Then how did you get it out of the chassis? Maybe sacrificed one of the mounting blocks?) is clamping two blocks together and drilling the hole at their meeting faces, separate and then clamp them around the axel and use the same technique to pull the axel straight out of the wheel. Be sure you have a close soft landing place for the wheel when it comes off the axel and hold on to the block so it does not land on the wheel. You may have a tool - pliers, tin snipper, wire stripper, wire cutter, etc. that has a hole of the needed size, but be sure to apply the pressure to wheel as evenly as possible to avoid twisting or uneven pressure on the wheel.

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