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I look at the gorgeous grilles for the early '60s cars... even the interior trim for the '62 Thunderbird and think, "how the heck am I going to do this?"

I'll take a wild guess that a lot of the MCG parts that are hard or impossible to use are for the display value, and really add little to the incremental cost to produce. But, you wouldn't drop the cost of a fret (as much as the kit, depending on the source) on a piece the size of a postage stamp.

If there are instructions in print or video on YT, I'd like to watch an expert builder fabricate and apply the more complex items, like the '62 Impala grille or the '60 Bonneville. I'm not against the MCG items at all - I have at least 40-50 of the morsels stashed for future use so, do the math.

The offshore items for Ferraris, Formula 1, etc from the leading sources (even Tamiya and select others) are quite good and leave no scraps at the end of the build, there is a place for every part.

To light a candle vs. cursing darkness, maybe there is an opportunity in the 3D community for 'pre-modified' parts ready to accept the PE, or, tooling to shape the parts to their final configuration so average-average plus builders can play along, too.

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