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The Warlock kit domes with many extra parts that are not called out on the box…

…it comes with both the 4x4 suspension set up, as well as the 2wd suspension. It also comes with the 5 slot mags and steps that you usually see on the Lil Red Express. Original Warlock kits never came with these extra parts.

You can make this a 2wd Warlock or dressed up short bed Utiline almost right out of the box, all you might need is a driveshaft and non-4x4 tires.

All you would need to make this it a Lil Red are: tires, decals, exhaust (which you could probably cobble together), exhaust stacks (which only came in Lil Reds), and 360 engine (see below).

The engine that comes with this kit is a big block (which would be a 400 or 440 in these years). The original and reissue Lil Red kits came with this same engine, which would be incorrect, as the Lil Red was 360 powered.

AMT’s ‘71 Duster 340 comes with a nice small block that could stand in for a 360 or 318.

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