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The original '59 and '60 SMP kits were quite crude...

...and the '59 was probably worn out even before the Craftsman Series issue. I bought an unbuilt one of those off of eBay a few years ago; one of the front "eyebrow" trim pieces was missing which was probably the reason it never got built. Upon examining the bumper/eyebrow piece (grille/headlights are a separate piece) I noticed the broken area was plated over. That would mean the part came out of the tool and was plated minus the eyebrow trim piece, which would point to the tool starting to break down at that point. I believe a '59 hardtop Craftsman kit was announced after the convertible but never produced. It would have been simply the convertible with the separate hardtop from the annual kit, easy enough to do...but it never got done leading me to think the '59 tool was shot back then.

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