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Might lay a strip of clear 2" packing tape over it and trace the lines and edges of the piece as best you can, then peal it off and put it on a piece of white paper, then overlay that with a sheet of clear or tracing paper and with a very fine point drafting pen, straight

edge, and stencil with multiple radius curves or circles trace the lines and curves with those. It might help to enlarge the original tracing with the computer to make the overlay copy easier to get exact as you can. Then shrink it back down to the actual size you want the finished drawing to be with the really thin lines. Use the computer to save that and use it to make the correct size print with a color change to the orange shade of the 1:1. Then after running test sheets first to get the exact scale of the finished grid, print that on clear decal paper. Maybe a bit smaller if you traced from the outside of the piece as the inside would be slightly smaller?

Then apply the decal to the inner face of the glass if the raised lines on the glass are not large enough to make a difference OR since you traced it from the outside of the glass, to the outside of the glass covering the whole piece to minimize decal edges revealing that it is a decal. Might be worth a try along with any other adjustments that are required to make it work?

If anyone tries it please let us know if it worked and any adjustments that were necessary or worked better. Just an idea.

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