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Can someone help me understand something about ebay?

A seller (that I won't name) is offering an item with a Buy It Now price, but also has a Make Offer on the very same Buy It
Now auction. The item is almost $45 with the BIN. I put in an offer that was $5 less, it was declined with no counter offer. I then put in an offer that was $3 less, still wouldn't sell or counter. I then tried $1 less (I work hard for my money, I'll try to save it in any way I can). The seller declined yet again.

My thing is, why even have the Make Offer if you're not even going to accept any offers? What sense does that make? To me, the seller isn't motivated to sell. I understand they don't have to sell for anything less than what they want, but why even set up the Make Offer?

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