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That would explain it, but hard to make the case at my local places who are universally furious at R2 for this

NOT the first time they are sideways with the LHS, who one would think are the front line of the target market for the vintage re-releases.

I get it that it is a hard thing to manage, you don't get to tell Big Box Monolith how to run their business. They have containers coming here all the time, I'll bet more in a day than R2 does in a year.

Doesn't sting any less. While R2 books a sale as a sale no matter where it goes, it matters a great deal on the other side of the table. LHS' are barely hanging on, they should be getting the product to keep their doors open.

In our community, the closest quality LHS is a half-hour away, v. Big Box that's 8 minutes from here.

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