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Happy Saturday Guys! Here is my first completion of 2123 though I started it back in October I think. 1959 Bonneville ragtop *LINK*

A few weeks into the new year but my ‘59 Bonneville ragtop is finished. I repaired a few things on the body as well as I could, mostly glue damage. The interior was all done by hand except for the dash, which was sprayed body color and the chrome was Molotow brushed on. The bumpers are also done with Molotow liberally brushed on. The body chrome trim was mostly done with Bare Metal foil with a little Molotow on some small spots. The molded-on windshield frame and original windshield were broken so I removed them as well as the molded-in wipers and replaced everything with parts from Revell’s ‘59 Impala convertible kit, including the vent windows and frames, as well as the visors. The fender mounted mirrors came from Revell’s ‘58 Impala kit. The steering wheel is actually from a Studebaker Lark which is closer to the actual item than the generic piece that came with the car when I got it. Lastly, I used Pontiac 8-lug wheels and wide whites from the parts box for a sportier look. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm including a link to my Fotki album so you can see how it started out. I'd like to find a hardtop now but those are going for pretty big money now so we'll see. Have a great weekend everyone!

Bob Kremer

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