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Well Frank pretty much told the story, but ill add a bit. Frank was in need of a 66 Skylark. I happe to have 1 or 8 of them in various states and issues. Unfortunately, right now I do t have alot of time to build much, as life has me going alot of different directions. So,

Im much more a lurker on here than a contributer but I follow all of Franks builds and the banter between him and Marty. So, i contacted Frank and offered him a nice builder Skylark to build a couple of cars for me. As Frank stated, i had the Olds painted for 4-5 years and wanted to get it done, and being that the 66 Skylark is one of my all time favorites, I wanted to get one of those completed as well. So we struck a great deal and it cost neither of us an arm and leg to get what we wanted. While I only get about one car a year done(maybe) I generally dont like putting someone else's work in my displays. However, I've seen enough of Franks work to know that I not only would put some of his cars in my case, I WANTED some of his work in my case. Frank kept me posted on progress and I'm proud to say that I will soon have a couple of his works in my case. And I couldn't be more excited for them. A huge THANK YOU to you my friend.

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