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Extra tip - have a tub of 91% ready, too
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ELO can be a bit spendy, so conserving it is wise. You definitely want a few toothbrushes and small stiff brush (like an acid brush.)

Don't soak in the ELO, just have some in the bottom of the pan to 'swish' over the paint to start getting it loose ( the brush part.) It may take a minute or two at first, but when you see the cleaner turning the paint color, you are on your way. Gently push the finish off until you are seeing bare plastic.

Then you can transition to the 91% tank for the major scrubbing. I have found that you don't necessarily need to submerge the body, a small bit of towel saturated in the alcohol will keep everything wet.

Sharpen several toothpicks for cleaning out the body lines, etc.

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