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Good afternoon guys! Need some advice on my Deuce coupe project.

I'm hard at work on my chopped Deuce coupe project and had to make some changes in direction on some parts. The BFG's that I got for the rears of the car are not tall enough nor wide enough and the deepest Torque Thrusts I have aren't quite right either. Please check out the pictures of the real car. How wide do you think those meats are? 10 inches? 12 inches?The wheels are quite deep and the ones I have don't go deep enough. I found resin repros of the big and little Torque Thrust D's that were originally in the MPC '69 Chargers back in 80's and possibly 90's issues of those kits. Does anyone have any of those mags handy that could measure their depth and post pics of the outer and inner sides?

I am slowly getting the frame and engine to work together since I cut off the Ford block from the Revell kit and glued on the sbc from the AMT '72 Chevy. I got some awesome block hugger headers from a seller on ebay and they will work great but I needed to cut off the engine mounts and will need to move them so the headers will have room. I not adding a ton of detailing to the engine but I am adding ingnition wiring and an aftermarket distributor. From the engine pics it looks like a version of an HEI unit and I was hoping to use a prewired distributor. Any thoughts on a good way to do this? I could just paint the distributor black and kinda fake it but I'd like to get closer to this look.Otherwise, I could rob an HEI unit from a Nova or Monza kit and run wires through a horizontal groove in the body and just glue the cap on top and paint it black. Thoughts and tips would be very much appreciated.

The biggest issue is the paint job. I was able to get a very close mixed color from Bob's Paint and my airbrush is working fine especially with the new, much quieter compressor I bought two Christmases ago but have yet to try up til today. I was thinking I would spray the areas that need the fuchia and then make a mask to make the flames and spray the black. Not used to this sort of thing so I'm a little intimidated. I was given a couple of good ideas by Steve and Andy and a couple other people but I'm wondering what is a good way to make the light blue striping on the edge of the flames? I seem to recall somebody, Terry Jessee perhaps who used a gelpen possibly? Have any of you done a similar flame job and outlined the flames like that?
Thanks for for any help and assistance you can give me. Have a great weekend everyone!

Bob Kremer

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