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Seeing the MPC 1973 Cougar reappearing at the top of the page makes me wonder if the roof could be combined with one of the great new Revell Mustangs to make a Mustang coupe. *PIC*

I'm not sure if the roof is exactly the same but it looks close to my eye.

The future project list in my head has me doing a replica of a high school buddy's car. He was a Mustang nut, and this was his first one - the most basic bare bones Mustang coupe you could find, with dog dish hubcaps, 6 cylinder and 3-speed manual, wrapped up in a schoolbus yellow paint (maybe Ditzler 2414 Medium Bright Yellow?). I don't have any pics of the car, but by memory it looked like the one below, with flat hood, chrome bumper, and blackwall tires.

IIRC, it was sideswiped by a snowplow at some point, and he used the insurance money to upgrade to another Mustang coupe with a 302/automatic, bright yellow, and some kind of black paint treatment, maybe with a scooped hood? Can't remember, but this one was a little more beat than the first one and didn't make as much of an impression on me for some reason. I lost touch with him sometime after that.

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