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My first "real" attempt; shared here before a long time ago - *PICS*
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This was my first foray into weathering with hairspray (aka "the hairspray technique"). The kit is assembled straight out of the box.
I first primed using Tamiya's spray primer in gray. I then airbrushed some Tamiya Red Brown (XF-64) and mixed various amounts of Tamiya red, black, brown, yellow to the basic Red Brown and sprayed random patterns over the car. At this point, it was just a rusty brown VW bug.

Next, I sealed this with a shot of Testor's Dull Cote.

Next up, I ran some Tamiya Panel Line Wash in black, brown, and I think dark gray in the various panel seams, door lines, and where the fenders meet the body. I also washed some of the brown panel line wash in random spots over the body. Finally, another shot of Testor's Dull Cote. At this point, after sufficient drying time - I shot some cheap hair spray over the car.

Lastly, for some color I shot thinned Tamiya Flat Yellow (XF-3) over the body, and lightened this with Tamiya Flat White (XF-2) for the top portions of the car. Once this had dried to the touch, I started scraping paint off with a water-moistened old paint brush (I'd cut the bristles down shorter). This allowed me to remove the yellow and reveal the rusty patina underneath. Once done - and I had to do a few touch ups - I shot a final layer of Testors Dull Cote. For the chassis and some smaller areas on the body, I used Vallejo's Rust, Stain, and Streaking set and I did a few more washes with Tamiya Panel Line Wash.
For a final touch, I dotted various oil paints over the body and pulled this off via a brush loaded with mineral spirits to create some subtle rain streaks.

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