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Sorry for the empty post above! Here's what they look like to me.

1. Ford Y-block, probably Amt '56 or '57 Ford, top end is a home-made concoction.

2. Ford Y-block, Amt '57 Ford.

3. Ford FE, Amt annuals.

4. Small block Chevy, C2 Amt Corvette.

5. Big block Chevy, Amt, don't know what kit.

6. Small block Chevy, Amt '72 Nova

7. Mostly Olds engine from Revell Orange Crate, other parts added, aircleaner is custom one from Amt C2 Corvettes.

8. Small block Chevy, Amt C2 Corvette.

9. 440 Mopar from Mpc Dodge Warlock.

10. Olds engine from Johan 442, funny car version, came from the og '68 to '70 kits.

11. Ford, could be conglomerate, maybe of Mpc origin.

12. Big block Mopar, Mpc, similar to #9.

13. 427 Chevy from Monogram '66 Malibu Street Rat.

14. Generic V8 that came in a number of Revell kits.

15. Small block Chevy, Amt '72 Nova

16. Small block Chevy, Amt C2 Corvette, probably '63.

17. No sure on this one, best guess SOHC Ford or Revell origin, possibly IMC/Testors.

18. Hemi from Lindberg hot rod kits, rip off of Amt Hemi.

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