Spotlight Hobbies more, forgot to post this one on the 3rd or 4th......never did know what year this one is.....

....The very simple ZZ Top kit I bought several years ago for a couple bucks at a swap meet. It was missing a headlight so I have no frontend shots, I just moved the headlight from one side to the other when taking pix. : )

It was out of the box the DS hood painted steel and a set of big and littles from the parts box on what I believe are the steel wheels from one of the Revell 64-65 Chevy trucks and chrome caps. I painted it Duplicolor black primer and sanded it through to the red plastic. It was an OK effect at the time. Never could get the windshield to fit right. Maybe I'll find another one and try it again. It's long gone, victim of one of my many kit purges.

Just noticed I got the "Albert" effect in the profile shot. Miss that Guy!

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