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BEEN BENCHING.... Friend stuff, Time killing with new stuff, Fitting new stuff, JUST busy bench work. PIX and thanks for looking

Two cars going to Tennessee to a friend of mine that is into slot cars... the 66 Chevelle not shown yet.

This was killing time in between project creating new project for later... Second version of Bad Bossa Nova using the Pro Street mostly for tire clearance seems to be more of the real car to me. This version has 5-spoke with green windows. Got the decals about a week ago.

Got this 41 Willy's Sedan Delivery a few weeks to go with for my collection of shop trucks along with 41 Lincoln Fleetline and 48 Caddy Fleetline.
The Willy's using the Pro Street Willy's is going to be a current day build. I got the hood hole covered. Intake is from a variety of parts box parts.

48 Caddy Fleetline using the Foose kit. The Caddy will go with the other custom Caddy's I have, one wagon will be converted into a S/D for shop truck

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