Spotlight Hobbies

I've always looked at his creations more like art than cars. He often does stuff that's not practical but kind of fulfills the visual that he had in mind.

I like some of the stuff he has done, others not so much, but I do appreciate the creativity. Almost like what a number of us do with model cars, but he uses real ones.

I dunno... the car hobby is so diverse, I get tired of all the judgement. There's a lot of stuff out there that people rave about that I wouldn't want in my driveway, but that's fine... I don't have to like it. Likewise I'm sure I like a lot of stuff that others don't. Nobody is really wrong here, just enjoy what you like and let others be. Never been much for cliques anyhow.

He does what he does and seems to have developed quite a following online. Whether you like it or not, he is successful at what he does, but he does not represent you or me, so no need to be embarrassed. I'm a Maritimer as well, and personally I'm happy to see that he's had some success.

To each his own, though, I guess.

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