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Okay, so the packing is finally getting to me - vintage part mooch inside

We will be in the window of one week to go with the moving van - so the preparations are hitting a high tempo.

Observation #1: Most have NO idea how much stuff there is until it is time to pack it all up. Even being somewhat brutal, throwing out marginal items or giving away stuff, there is still a mountain.

Observation #2: The cardboard fatigue is real. Kit box sizes vary from even multiples of home center box sizes. So, I had a very slight moment of clarity grabbed the very nice little '60 Merc coupe ghost build that came from the recent DAAM show to drop into a promo box that would slot perfectly into place. Except the end of the promo box was still open. The Merc did a nice impression of a bowling ball and hit the floor with a resounding crash.

Because this is a family board, I won't repeat my exact words, but let's just say, it was not a happy moment in my life. Might have some splainin' to do at the pearly gates down the road, in fact.

After gathering the bits, the front bumper took the brunt of the impact, breaking into several places.

So.... that's the super long way of asking if anyone might have a '60 Merc bumper they would want to trade out for some other vintage chrome, at some point in the future. (My box buy of bumpers is now officially buried for a few months.) Any hints or leads, let 'em fly either here or via PM

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