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Update on the Missing Link Bronco (the Bronco II) *PIX*

I posted this awhile back, it’s a 3D printed body of the Bronco II. Here is where it stands now along side an untouched body.

As you can see I’ve opened the hood and created the underhood detail. I did this by using the under hood area from the AMT 94 Ranger Pickup.

I also posted a request for info on an article about Vacuforming. I discovered a relatively inexpensive (about the cost of 3-4 model kits) vacuform machine so I bought one.

The Bronco II’s rear side windows are curved and would be virtually impossible to create the normal way we make windows. Fortunately the file I downloaded for the Bronco II also came with the pieces for the glass. Here’s my first attempt to use them as molds. I need to reprint the window slightly undersized for a better fit with the vacuformed piece. I also need to polish the master better as any flaw will be reproduced perfectly in the finished piece but it's getting there.

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