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PROGRESS RENAULT... PICS and thanks for looking

I was digging for some headers and remembered what I needed was in the Renault. Well I started messing with it one thing lead to another. Ended up painting the chassis and building it. Something was missing so I added the front and rear spoilers.

I brought the 55 Chevy F/C out to continue progress on my Tri-Five's combo. I finished up the 55 Pro Mod a few months ago. Once the 55 F/C is done I'll have start on the real car of the bunch.... I finished the real 57 Chevy of the bunch couple of weeks ago. So The count is on the trio are 55 Pro Mod done, the F/C is 90% done, will be starting the real Jr Stocker 55 soon. All of the 56's haven't been started as of yet. The 57 real Jr Stock is done, the F/C is done, the Pro Mod is started body painted.

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