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A case of, "If one is good, two is better." Or, "Get two, they're small."?

I picked this up yesterday, Sept 15. Six speed standard shift, (I haven't driven a standard since 2009!), 86,000 miles, I'm second owner, $20K. Has Sat Nav, Heads Up Display, heated seats with six-way power. I drove it home from Bismark ND yesterday and it drives really good. It's quiet and does not ride rough even though it has stiffer springs and larger anti-roll bars than the base 05 Vette.

Reason I have two? My wife did not like the cramped quarters in the purple C4. I didn't like the wind noise and the steering effort. Plus, I was quicky finding out it is hard to get parts for this year of Corvette. I also like the way the hatch is sealed on the C6. The C4 has a rear window hatch that sits down over rubber seals which tend to leak at the leading edge.

But mostly, I decided I did not want to own a car that my wife did not like to ride in, so I did some research and found that the C6 has a much easier entry and is more comfortable than the C4.

This has the upgraded brakes (it's really the Z51 option but Chevy didn't call it that in 2005) which are 13.4 in front, 13 in rear, cross-drilled. With aux coolers for engine oil and power steering fluid.

Where is the purple one you may ask?

In the shop getting new 285 x 17 tires put on all the way around with new chrome Z06 9.5 wide rims. I got a car cover for it, new audio with apple car play and backup camera. Had the oil, transmission, and cooling system fluids replaced. In October it's going back for oil leaks on pan and timing chain cover and new plugs and opti-spark installed.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

Oh, BTW, if anyone is interested, send me an email :-)

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