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I thought I had posted this one before but I guess not. Been pretty busy and tired the last couple weeks since I went back to work after my knee surgery.

I have now built four of AMT's '64 Cutlasses; two hardtops and two convertibles so far. I have another ragtop started and just picked up another hardtop so I can do a post coupe/sedan.I think after those two then I can wash my hands of '64 Cutlass models for a while! Lol Anyway, this is my fourth build, which is based on the original convertible kit that I found an unpainted mostly complete model at the NNL North a few years ago. I pulled it out and started redoing it a few weeks ago and finished it a week or so ago. Paint is Tamiya Haze Grey with sponsor decals from the kit. The aluminum disc wheels are from the Studebaker Avanti kit with the tires from my parts bin. Also, the parachute came from my parts bin and I grabbed a number of parts from other kits for the cockpit. I added a headrest on the front of the fairing and the racing seat is from MPC's '73 Firebird Formula kit. I robbed the 394 Olds engine from AMT's '39/40 Ford kit and added a modified intake setup from the Cutlass kit with the twin Judson blowers and modified the Weber carbs so they would clear the domed hood. I also cut out a hole in the rear of the scoop and added some mesh, sort of like the Ford teardrop hoods. The rest of the car is pretty much from the Olds kit and was a fun quick build. I just picked up the recently reissued MPC "Racer's Wedge" kit which will be used to haul around the race car. I started on that kit as well. Just can't stop I guess. Lol Anyway, here are some pics of the car. Thanks for looking and any comments are always welcome.

Bob Kremer

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