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OT: I reached a milestone yesterday! (PICS)

I got the front suspension on my 58 Bel Air done! Globel West upper and lower tubular A-arms, QA-1 double adjustable shocks, and coil over springs. Next up is to put the disc brakes on. It has 2" dropped spindles, CPP stabilizer bar, and a 605 Power steering box. So, I now have a complete new front suspension on it.

The springs went on easy-peezy!. No messing with spring compressors (or widow makers as they are known as). I just put the lower arm on, bolted the shock to it, then slide the spring over the shock then maneuvered the whole assembly up far enough to attach the upper control arm on. It was expensive but worth it. Next task after the brakes is to replace the stock rear with a Ford 9" and Global West coil over shock system with tubular lower arms and a tubular upper bracket. Maybe by next year I can even get the engine in it!

Thanks for looking all comments welcomed.

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