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Wellll, I've been wanting a model of the Japanese bomber(Revell-'56) Ki-21-1b FOREVER. ICM issued an "all new molds version. I jumped on that like"a bitin' sow @ $50.00 a "crack! " Know that saying,"Be careful what you wish for 'cause you might get it"? I "hurried" the

first one and screwed it up BIG TIME. #2 is built, unpainted(ton of "glass"), sittin' in a showcase.All that before Christmas. Built 7 model cars ready to paint when the weather breaks. Working on a '49 Merc, nosed, decked, and sides are smooth as a baby's behind and (sorry guys), it has fender skirts, and it's "as low as you can go"! L.O.L. The other seven? '20's and '30's vehicles.

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