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I'm thinking that the subject matter is so obscure that most people probably haven't even seen one in person. I think it is less likely to be 'rivet counted' if people aren't familiar with the subject so much.

Meanwhile, most of us have seen so many GM/Ford/Mopars/AMCs in our lifetimes that each roofline, body feature, sheet metal curve is emblazened into our brains that you can tell by a glance if a familiar subject doesn't look 'right'.

So, IMHO, the Powell might be good from that aspect, but it is also that very thing that will make it a harder sell. I know that there are too many subjects out there to take my money already, that I know I won't be buying one of these. If "Johan" were to reissue (by digital methods) an AMC Javelin or Rebel, or perhaps some of their C-bodies from the 1960s, I'd be ripping my pockets to get the money out as quickly as possible before they disappear...

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