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OT One other trick they use once they get your lists... They sometimes slightly change your name and send out fakes from "you", so folks need to be careful to note sender's exact name. I have a cousin whose Facebook name included her actual first name, Patricia, but she

went by Patty, which was obvious in her Facebook pages so a faker sent bogus Messages with just that partial change in her address and a lot of folks were fooled. One give away is if a Facebook fake has just the white silhouette over light gray as their picture, so be especially skeptical if it is someone you "know" that usually has a picture, but some fakers are capable enough to get the actual picture and even some of their friends pictures in the appropriate places on the fake account. Usually the pictures are fewer than what they usually have and do not include all the folks you know are mutual friends. It is a dishonest way to build up apparent numbers of friends to qualify as worthy of getting paying sponsors as an "influencer" or lists to email or Facebook accounts to sell to advertisers, charities, political solicitations, and scams. Stay cautious and safe, folks.

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