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Okay, I signed in, read their reasons, and watched the video. I see now that he is holding model car wheel and cutting the back section off by holding it with the finger tips on his left hand and proceeding to use a Dremel with a spinning cutter disk, then a router bit, then

carving with a #11 Exacto blade with a bit of sanding between tool uses. The age of 18 being a limit for this may be a bit high, but I would hate for a little kid to try to copy these somewhat hazardous techniques. There is also a razer saw on the bench, although he does not use it, it is suggestive, too. So, since adults can sign in (and older kids can probably work around the sign up with their parents' accounts, but YouTube is covering their bases) I think in this particular case the block may be warranted. Just my two cents for this particular YouTube example.

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