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Blast from the past from the Hobby Heaven Board *LINK* *PIC*

Guys.....way back in the day....12 to 15 years ago or so???? I did a series of posts over a few days showing a box stock buildup of the Hobby Heaven/Tom Carter reissue of the original MPC Multi-Maverick kit.

Those posts are long gone but I've been able to resurrect pictures from the build process, and I've posted them (though sadly, without the accompanying captions), at my Fotki site at the link below. There are 70 pictures in total, of which about 50 show the assembly of the kit af various stages.

I recall concluding that the kit was far better detailed than most of MPC's somewhat generic late 1960's/early 1970's drag racing kits, and also that it was a blast to put together.

If the subject interests you, please be my guest and revisit the past. Will attempt to answer any questions you have....Best Regards to all....TIM

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