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**Bill Austin** asked.THE THINGS WE JUST DID..... My 66 CUSTOM VETTE. Had to take pix of pix at an angle so sorry for the distortion. For the bean counters this was a normal thing in the mid-70's and I didn't have a problem doing it. PIX and explanation thanks for looking.

First off 1966 Corvette Coupe- 427/390 hp (390 cause of the AC)- Air Conditioning- Power Windows- Power Antenna- TeleWheel- First year for standard day/night mirror- Leather Seat w/headrest (only 7% of Vette's came w/headrest).
Add-on was the Tri-Power- Rear spring from a 1974 Vette for a softer ride- Third tail Light all wired like a Cougar- Duck tail rear spoiler w/antenna wire hidden in the spoiler- Stainless Steel Brakes- Electric Fan.
Body Modifications: 427 Hood w/part of 74 hood to create my own cowl hood- Shaved the nose point so as to make a clean transition into the hood- Headlight covers so I could relocate the headlights in the grille cavity- 1971 Gran Prix sidemarker lights for front turn signals behind grille- Shaved the Corvette Turn signals- Two 1971 Chevy Caprice grille attached to make one- Front spoiler- 1974 Corvette side louvers- 1971 Gran Prix door handles- Small wheel flares- 1971 Camaro side mirrors- 1975 Chevy Monza seats- I added corduroy on the door panels inserts and the headliner- ET Kelstar wheels on TA Radials

These pictures some of the body mods before I stripped it.

Getting the car stripped.

Here the car was brought home so I could sand the Feather Fill when done I took it back to the shop for the final seal coat and color. I wanted to change colors from black to steel blue.... But Jim (painter) couldn't bring himself to paint it blue. When I got out of regular work I got to the shop and to my surprise it's black (which I didn't can cause Jim knew in my heart it needed to be black) GOOD CHOICE JIM.

Here it is at my first show, I not only won the class I won best custom and best of show for that all winter project.

Had to take a few liberties with the model but I'm happen with it so far... With some luck I will have finished in the next few weeks.

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