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1/1 Stuff.....AMC Day at the garage...... *PIC*

My 73 Javelin has been stuck at the back of the garage for longer than I thought. Figured out today she had not seen the light of day in 18 months. Other projects and showing the wife's 1975 Mustang II has taken all my time. I was kinda mad at myself doe allowing her to sit so long. She was covered in dust and dirt and just looked bad. So I spent the day digging her out, checking all vitals and washing her. A shot of starting fluid and she came back to like. Does need a brake bleed but stops well enough I took her for a drive.
I also did some work on the neglected Matador. She too cranked right up. Gotta decide what I am gong to do with the Matadoe. I almost have to many cars to keep up myself. Thanks for looking!!!!

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