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And... North America has all the resources necessary to be totally energy independent. There is plenty of oil and gas here to last 100s of years. The infrastructure to deliver it is already in place. If we wanted to, we could probably produce every part for every vehicle in
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the U.S./Canada. No need for many of those huge, and hugely-polluting container ships carrying cars and car parts across the oceans. I think we should think about all that before we become dependent upon China and other unfriendly countries for batteries, solar panels, and other things essential for total electrification here. Hey, if people want to buy the electric cars, fine. Who am I to say what makes them happy? But I don't think the governments should be allowed to force electric-everything down our throats (as it appears to be moving in that direction). Also they should not be subsidizing the cost of electric cars/vehicles. None of the people running the EPA ever ask us what we want, or what we think should happen. None of them were elected. Just appointed bureaucrats making up laws all day long. Many laws based on some fuzzy "science" IMHO. And aren't cars supposed to be fun? Yeah a lot of those electric cars can do 0-60 in like 3 seconfds. But other than at a drag strip, where exactly can you use that acceleration? As with most automotive enthusiasts I'd rather have a loud internal combustion engine and a manual trans in my car. Fun to drive. Thankfully, they are still being made , but if the govt gets its way, they will all be gone soon. Do we as car guys really want that?

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