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This direct from Google AI:

"Lithium mining can have several negative environmental impacts, including:
Water usage
Lithium extraction requires large amounts of water, especially from brine deposits. For example, extracting one ton of lithium can require around 500,000 liters of water. This can lead to water depletion in arid regions, which can harm local communities and ecosystems.
The mining process can contaminate soil and air, which can damage ecosystems and lead to biodiversity loss. Brine mining, which involves pumping saltwater to the surface and evaporating it to remove lithium, can also pollute local water sources.
Carbon dioxide emissions
According to MIT's Climate Lab, one ton of mined lithium emits almost 15 tons of carbon dioxide. Burning fossil fuels to manufacture lithium or EV batteries also contributes to high levels of carbon dioxide emissions.
Land degradation
Lithium mining can require large amounts of land, which may lead to deforestation. The evaporation ponds required for brine extraction also take up a lot of space.
Mining regions can have high levels of radioactivity.
Dust from pulverized rock can cause breathing problems for local communities."

People need to think less with their emotions and more with critical thinking. Today's gas powered cars release near negligible emissions. And it's important to remember that CO2 is a necessary nutrient for plant life. CO2 levels follow, not lead temperature change. Hence are not causes of the so called global warming. If this statement of fact upsets you, it's a sign that you have more of an emotional attachment to the outcome than a logical data driven conclusion. You don't see climate change activists giving up their private jets, nor do the rising oceans fear-mongerers give up their sea-side estates. That should be your wake-up call. Always study opposing viewpoints, and if you can't do that, you have no argument.

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