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Although this wrecker is much bigger, here is how it is rigged.

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There are two sets of cables. One set is for the winches for towing. The other set is strictly for raising and lowering each boom. For the latter, the cable is first attached to the upper end of the boom similar to yours. From there it runs to the bottom of a pulley located on the top of the frame, up and over that pulley and back to another pulley at the end of the boom. It wraps around this one from the top and then runs to the bottom underside of the boom where there is a small winch inside the base. The cable is fixed to the winch and on the real rig could be turned with a crank, tightening or loosening the cable. Loosening it lowers the boom. Tightening it raises it. It is the same for each boom. There is a connecting flange at the top of each boom where they are held in place with a pin. Hope this helps.

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