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Back on the bench. Revell 1969 Camaro Pace Car

Got through the projects that put it on the shelf. Now is the time to get this back in gear and complete. The stock replicas would have A.I.R. smog systems on them. Even though Revell has an A.I.R. air pump in another kit, there is no exhaust tubing and muffler. It is a small part but, I cobbled one together with various pieces of Evergreen plastic. It is not perfect and still needs a little cleanup, but since it will be a bit deep in the engine bay, should pass muster. In the future, I will need to figure out how to do a more refined version and replicate it. I have about seven future projects that would benefit from this part. Need to carry on with the hoses and the connectors next. Also, back to painting and decaling the body.

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