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On-boarding 67 new employees... wow

My read of the tea leaves:

It would make perfect sense to me that a board staring down the barrell at the end of paper, and looking at the investment needed to go from being a 'printer' to a 'content' organization just said, "too hard, too expensive, we're out."

This would also lead me to think the company was severely under-resourced in the last 10-15 years, as evidenced by the content spiral of SA(E) that was noted here, frequently.

Hoping that the additional people added are not corporate overlords coming in to fix the bucolic Wisconsin operation, something akin to the hilarious episodes of "The Office" when outsiders enter the bubble of Scranton.

There is a massive demand for content today, paper is just the oldest delivery mechanism for it. Imagine if the FSM kit reviews and how-to's were video instead of 2D ink and wouldn't need a ton of production infrastructure to make them 100% better than most of the stuff out there now. Then it could be monetized and shared, which would lead to more monetizing and sharing... particularly in subcategories like Sci-Fi where builders are already tech savvy.

And we haven't even talked about 3D modeling...

It will get far more interesting to be in the hobby, that's for sure.

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