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MACH WON! I built it my way

Finished my version of the newly reissued MACH WON. It was first released in 1970. This model has a completely stock MACH 1 body.

I decided to build it my way. I shaved the windshield wipers and door handles off. It has an opening hood, mine was a little warped, so I added a few plastic strips to it to straighten it.

I didn't use the blank front piece like on the box art, but rather used the Mustang front grill and bumper.

There is no picture with the decals on it, so you are on your own placing them however you want. Building the Funny Car frame you need 3 hands to keep it straight but it come together nicely.

Round 2 has added AMT's newer slicks, but the original ones were a bit wider, so you will need to sand the wheel backs to fit the tires. I found a suitable pair in my part box.

I think it turned out good.

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