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Not sure what $0.02 cents is down in OZ, but... this is a terrific kit

When I heard Revell was doing this kit, I immediately thought: "Sad trombone, this is a sop to Foose for the big episode where HE gets overhauled..."


This is a terrific kit that for the first time in my recent memory goes together extremely well straight out of the box. Yes it is a custom, but not in the backyard chop sense. What Chip did, and what Revell captured were things that respect the original shape but bring it into the modern era and make the whole truck feel "of a piece."

If I've seen one build of this kit, I've seen 50 and they all look great, with even the most basic paint and assembly skills. A sharp modeler who can bring more detail, even better.

The vintage Revell kit of the '56 is... the vintage Revell kit, with everything good and ill that portends. The re-tool addressed a lot of the issues that the old kit had, but it still has funky moments and shapes. I guess if you were super dedicated and had lots of good reference, you could fix them... but that would be a long slide. To the point, though, the lack of a good, stock '56 of the quality of the evergreen AMT '53 is a gap in the modelverse, and would be a profitable project to address at some point in the future.

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