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GOT SOME SAD NEWS... This morning I got a call from Tammy Sadewater Bruce's wife *** INSIDE ***

Bruce has been in the ICU for several days trying to get his health on an even kneel. In conversations with Tammy in the last day or so the family got together and decide to release the IV's, tubes, monitors, etc.... This morning Tammy called me to ask if I could come up to the hospital and see Bruce, I said sure let me throw water in my face and brush my teeth. I jumped in the car and headed up to Beloit Wisc (about 20min drive) because the equipment was going to be pulled. By the time I got there Bruce pasted... Tammy really didn't expect that it would be that fast. How do you know.
PLEASE say a prayer and when I know more about services and location I will pass it on to the message board. Tammy and the three daughters will try to figure out what orders were paid for and return the monies. Please be patient.

I will find out in the next day or so when all the dust settles to get arrangements out.

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