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BUSY, BUSY.... I'm taking a little break from "Not my Stuff" stuff so I've been doing a little here and a little there to kind of get caught up (caught up what is that).PIX and thanks for looking

This is what I'm aiming for with the Buick Modified but I just looked closer to the picture and the rear isn't as severe as what I cut but I'll just leave as is rather than redoing it. I haven't messed with it for several days.

When I discovered T-Bolt project for a friend of mine that is really into them he sent me a this picture and since then I found out the guy that was restoring a T-Bolt didn't have any spec's so this is what he came up with and I just followed along those lines. All the pictures that I've seen except for the being restored one they all look round. But I went with it until he told me the guy had nothing except what he thought was correct. I was going to build two one for me and one for me.

Craig Turner contacted me and he told me what I have is wrong but I didn't want to trash what I started so I finished that one per pictures I was sent. Now knowing what I know I decided to do it the correct why with 4 circles hence the Clover Leaf name. This is the best shot I have of the actual hood and it sure looks round so here I am doing a second one for my friend because he was going to build two cars. Now I have a better understanding and know how to do one for myself but I need another flat hood.

Couple of nights ago I decided (per conversation with my PenPal Dave) to AWB a 64 Olds 442 which I have ready for him. This one shown is the one I decided to do for myself using the Judson Blower from the Olds kit. I wanted to use the Olds engine but it is way to short for the Chevelle chassis so I will just use the Chevy engine. Not sure what hood I'm going use or even the wheels. Anyway here is a mock up of the Olds AWB. Now I have the Chevelle done, Buick in the works, Olds is closer, and the GTO is just BMF-less and decal-less.

My friend (Randy) told me about a AWB T-Bolt and described it I told him that I have one built (about a 25 yr build that survived the fire cause it happen to be in the house) so I knocked off the front wheels and put these Cragar's. Not what the pictures shows but I didn't have those wheels. Glad I pulled it out because it's starting to show it's age. So a quick polish, changing the wheels, and taking off old decals (which proved difficult), and yes had to re-glue a few items. I have the decals but I haven't applied them yet.

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