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Off the bench......PICS......

The new 1971 Demon. Built box stock with only paint and foil added. The fit on this kit is wonderful! The only fit issue I had was with the rear bumper but it was an easy fix. The only piece that is a bit ambiguous as to where it goes was the firewall. After messing with it I found that putting the interior into the body first, then the firewall fits into two slots on the underside of the body. In fact the body/ interior/chassis fit is so good they all just 'POP' into place. You will need to hog out the holes for the tail lights more than a little. I didn't do enough. Also a chrome reflector behind those tail lights would help the looks of them. Paint is automotive urathane shot from my airbrush. Tamiya clear over that and when dry I sanded with 1000 grit paper. Last was one coat of 1K clear. The decals are nice BUT the carrier film is way bigger than the decal. Lots of careful trimming will be required. Over all a fun kit to assemble but I do wish the front suspension detail was better. Comments welcome. One other thing. When I was cutting the passenger side mirror off the tree it must have gone into outer space because I could not find it!

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