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The new world: A big run is 5000 units so if you like it and you see it, grab it.

Once the run is done, it's done.

It seems like the kits are everywhere for a while... until they aren't and all the local spots run out and the distributors go dry. Then it gets some heat, esp if there is a magazine story or really cool build online, at an NNL or on FB. Squad Rod, is a good rendition of the last gen Nova, a subject with many build options and alternatives, from street machines to Busch GN. Or the '64 Comet, that got spendy from the MK issue until the Craftsman (and thanks, Steve G. for the excellent decal sheet!)

As I have also opined, if you see it and like it, grab it cos you never know when it will get scarce again, or a licensing deal goes away, or a big distributor turns thumbs down "That didn't sell last time!"

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