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Funny thing about the 007 AMT 1971 Mustang kit -

When I built the model it had a lot of extra parts, including engine(s) parts. That were not mentioned in the instructions for this kit.
So I hunted around to find the directions for those parts.

Here is what I found. Some of the parts were from an MPC kit it appeared.

Here are the instructions for the engine that 007 comes with the Mach 1 kit -

Here are the instructions for the AMT race motor (originally from the from the Warren Tope kit).

Here is the engine diagram from the MPC 1973 Mustang.

With the other instructions you could build any one of the engines in the 007 kit. Though I didn't think they were all that accurate or detailed (old mold kits - I get it).

But finding parts (from sprue trees) from amt and mpc in the same box (?) seemed a bit unusual.

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