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Yessssssss!!!!!!!! How to exploit this incredible find by R2

The '70 "Blue Crescent" Mach 1 Annual Kit body went to the funny car tool, which is coming back, or so they say.

The rest of the tool became the 1971 Mach 1 promo and annual kit, which begat the '72, '73, and the Warren Tope #31. Those kits are very common.

Soooo.... one Funny Car, plus one re-release of the Mach 1 will equal most of a '70 Blue Crescent annual kit (sans some custom parts, but doubting it is a big loss.)

Steve Goldman, dunno if it is in the budget anywhere, but these are the bones for a Craftsman Plus Mach 1, just need the interior and the headroom in the budget.

MPC '73s which are also very common, will have the Mach styled wheel covers. I know a resin company that makes/can make the others.

The AMT and MPC 428 CJ parts are pretty good - yet, the hobby still wonders where a good 351W or 351C is. The giant fender wells bear no resemblance to stock, but I've seen other annual Mustang builds (Nick Zuk, Looking at you) where that was minimized.

Terrific development engineered to aggravate my modeler's ADHD.

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