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I am actually looking forward to possibly meeting you in person Marc....I would love to shake the hand of the Man that put me on to MV lenses so many years ago......

......We (Lil John and Myself) should be there setting up in the vendors area (They usually put is out in the "overflow" section outside the Main ballroom) on Saturday and will be selling plastic all day on Sunday. I wish I could enter the contest but it has been quite the hassle in years past doing both. Look me up if you get a chance !!! I am a 5' 11" Amer-Asian looking cool dude with slicked back hair and most likely my collar up on my shirt (LOL !!!). If you see 4 tables with black and white checkerboard table cloths stacked with models that should be us !!! The giveaway should be that I think Lil John is bringing out the Monogram 1/8 Scale Corvette and Trans Am "Store Displays" to sell. As of right now I believe we have a total of 9 headed out there from Colorado. Hope to see you there !!!! KT

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