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1967s for 6-7

AMT 1967 Chevrolet. My neighbour bought a new Impala sedan in 1967. It was Deepwater Blue Metalic. I fell in love with the colour. I painted my 1:1 57 Chev that colour at the time. I used Model Master Artic Blue Metalic on this model as a tribute to my neighbour's car

AMT 1967 Camaro. This is an old build. I don't remember what inspired it.

Revell 1967 Camaro. A much more detailed model than the AMT version. This one has dog dish hub caps from Fireball Models as well as the usual BMF, plug wires and a Nova Scotia 1967 license plate. I removed the incorrect RS trim.

Revell 1967 Corvette. A box stock build with plug wires and a Nova Scotia 1967 license plate. There was nothing to foil on this one.

Revell 1967 Corvette. This one does has some BMF along with wires & a 67 NS plate. The AMT 64 Cutlass hardtop provided the red line tires.

AMT 1967 Mustang. Another standard build with BMF & plug wires. It has an NS 1970 license plate. Not sure why.

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