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(pics) For 6,7 ...I think this is my only '67 model

Tamiya's 1/12 Lola T70 MkIII Coupe....the coupe version of the T70 was introduced in 1967
My favorite road-race cars during my lifetime have been the D-Jaguars, the Reventlow Scarabs, and the Lola T70s, and I consider the Lola T70 spiders and coupes some of the last really beautiful road-race cars. As time marched on, technology, aerodynamics, and busy graphics have, of course, superceded the beautiful shapes of the T70s, but I've found my interest in road racers diminished in direct proportion to the quicker but less attractive racers.
I built this Tamiya model in 1997 and protected it in a dust-free glass cabinet.

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