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To make the modifications to the grill/bumper, I needed two bumper assemblies thus I took one from an extra kit. The basic steps were to correct the headlights first, then remove the bumper from that assembly. On the other assembly the grill was removed leaving the bumper. The reason for reworking the headlights is to have a second grill in case the first attempt failed.
To correct the headlights, I removed the molded in bases and replaced them with short pieces of 7/32 aluminum tube filled with short pieces of 3/16 plastic rod. The parts were positioned to allow the kit headlights to sit flat in the bezel. Before installing the lenses, the insides of the new bases were painted with Molotow. A pro tip – Harbor Freight sells a 2 inch cut off saw that easily makes square cuts to brass and aluminum tubing, and to plastic stock. The bezels around the headlights were painted a flat silver, then foil was applied to the outside ring for the chrome like appearance.
After the headlights were fixed, the bumper was removed from the corrected grill, and the grill was removed from the extra assembly, leaving a cleanly separated bumper and grill.
The filler panel was fabricated from sheet stock and painted body color. The bumper was attached to the frame with strip stock.
The color is MCW 6435 over a gold base, which matches 64-66 Ford Vintage Burgundy.

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